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What are the Methods of Determining Server System Resources?

17th Sept 2022

  What are the Methods of Determining Server System Resources?  In versions with standard sharing, system resources may be in a state determined by your hosting company. However, this does not change the fact that system resources can be determined and configured by users. System resource management is under user management. Servers such as ...

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Getting a Virtual Server in 5 Steps

16th Sept 2022

Getting a Virtual Server in 5 Steps  Virtual server is a server service that works with 100% redundancy that can be scaled, apart from having very high performance rates due to the very special hardware and software it contains.  Excessive system loads, slow server state, or various hardware-related issues are not present in virtual servers. ...

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What is Server Virtualization?

15th Sept 2022

  What is Server Virtualization?  Server virtualization is a type of virtualization technology that we encounter much more often than other types. One of the main features of this is the system in which all servers are brought together in a common pool and then offered to more than one user. In addition, the server virtualization process ...

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