What is Server Virtualization? 


Server virtualization is a type of virtualization technology that we encounter much more often than other types. One of the main features of this is the system in which all servers are brought together in a common pool and then offered to more than one user. In addition, the server virtualization process allows software types with various differences to run only in their own virtual environments, allowing the existing system to remain much more protected and secure than it is. 

What is the Importance of Server Virtualization? 

One of the most important features of server virtualization is the ability to provide multiple productions from a single central system. Let's assume that one physical server works as if it has dozens of different hardware. This will give you a great advantage in terms of performance and productivity. Such a system is a very useful, advantageous and very satisfying service in terms of security in today's technology age. 

In addition, as a result of server virtualization, it has been observed that there is a high decrease in CPU (Processor) usage. If we give an example of this, it has been observed that the current usage of a physical server that used 10% CPU before virtualization decreased to 5% after virtualization. Therefore, server virtualization is a privileged and highly equipped service that should definitely be owned by entrepreneurs, operators or corporate businesses that work on computers or host various organizations. 

What are the Advantages of Server Virtualization? 

  • Main Benefits of Server Virtualization
  • It does not have a complex system and a content that is difficult for the user.
  • A medium level of computer knowledge will be sufficient in terms of usage and management.
  • Supports multiple operating system installations connected to a single computer.
  • It does not have compatibility problems between operating systems due to old versions.
  • A problem with any device does not affect other devices in operation.
  • It contributes to the reduction of heating problems, electrical problems and hardware problems. 

Skywebcloud Server Virtualization Service

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